I’m funded by the taxpayer, so feel it’s important to give talks to the public – essentially, so that the people who are paying for my research get to find out where their money’s going.

I have a standard hour-long talk which I give, called ‘The Science of Pollination’. The one-paragraph summary reads: “Pollination is essential for the survival of many plants, and 35% of global food production by volume comes from crops that depend on animal pollination to some extent. This talk will look at the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of pollination, as well as strategies used by plants to attract pollinators and the work being undertaken to improve the pollination of crop plants.”

I’ve given this talk to various beekeepers’ associations and nature groups and also as part of the Cambridge Science Festival, where audience feedback included ‘it’s the best Science Festival talk I’ve ever been to’. I’m also scheduled to give it as an online talk for the National Honey Show in February 2021.

I’m not able to accept every invitation, but I try to make enough time for a few talks each year. If you’re interested, then get in touch.

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